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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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people who speaks malay all the time can't communicate in english?

haha, nak gelak bace statement camtuh. 
eh helloo,
this is 21st century people.
come on la,
haishh, tak taw nak ckap ape.
just stop being so arrogant and underestimate people all you wish~

sometimes, even orang yang speak in english like- 24seven pun make mistakes,
some people are excellent and fluent in their speaking- good for you,
but when it comes to writing, hancuss.

and same jgak, some people did well in writing- congrats, tapi bile nak bukak mulut,

well, normal la tu, just because we're good in something,
it doesn't put us anywhere close to i'm a-person-who-did-well-in-everysinglething-i-do.

so? conclusion?

suke aty dyeorang laa nak ckap malay or english, sbab stahu ak, Malaysia niy negare yang demokrasi,
takde tetap kan pape pun pasal kne ckap in what language.

nak ckap melayu ke, english ke, chinese ke, tamil ke, rojak whatsoever.
ikot suke aty masing masing la kn?

AND!! just because i don't speak or write in English all the time,
doesn't mean that i can't. got it? good. ^^,

 >> haha, about the icon, takde kene mngene pun, just thought that it would be cute, :) <<

p/s ; i'm not provoking, i'm letting people know whats on my mind ;)