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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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even the littlest things that you do ;)

nik muhammad eqie hafizie,,

even if i told you, i know that you wouldn't believe me honey..its hard to believe when i said i'm happy with you, isn't it? i hope you're reading this post sayang..sincerely, this feelings are meant just for you, and no one else is included..i hope you know ;)

i still remember the day that i first laid my eyes on're wearing that nike sweater, black and gold..looking so good and all ^^, you're on the stage, working on a play...hehe, its funny..i think i had a crush on you right that instant! *blushing..i'd even told ipah about you..hehe..but as far as i'm interested to know you, i know where i stand..we both have our own partner at that decided to let the feelings fled..

and after that day, i thought that i'll never have to think about you anymore..but all the people around, even at aspuri, were talking about you..and i'm more curious to know you..but i'm not sure of myself, i shouldn't be doing so, because i have wasn't right, so once again, i said to myself that i have him, i don't need anyone else..i trust my heart to him...but since the day that we've been going to different school, hes changed..i don't know him anymore...we both went to a boarding school, so i know how hard it was to remain in contact..i act normally, trying my best not to be upset about this condition..i heard no news from him, for a long time..

at the same time, i'd joined PUM which stands for Persatuan Usahawan Muda..later on, you joined in too..i'd always enjoy the moments we spend during the blending and 'keropok lekor' time..hehe, glad to see the smiles on the customer's faces although its a bit tiring..and after we'd finished selling all of those things, we cleaned the booth, rearrange the tables and chairs, and really enjoyed your time bullying me aren't you??! hehe, oh well, i thank you a lot for that..coz' at that moment, i really need that kind of comfort and gave me that ^^, so, thank you..

later on, i still heard no news from him, do you remember how i am during pum? everyone sees me as a girl who likes to smile..huhu, i'm very good in hiding my sadness you know..only ipah, azu n pka really know how i felt at that time..well, whatever it is, i have to be, i tried to forget the fact that i've been ignored by the person who keeps my heart and keep on studying..although i know, he might have feelings for other girls, but i'm still trying to deny the fact..and it hurts my self even more..

you've always been a good listener you know..and it comforts me to have such a friend who i can rely did your best to make me happy, and i really appreciate that, i really sorry that i've to turned you down at know why right..but after going through so many hard times, i would really like to thank Allah so much that He gave us a chance to be together now..,alhamdulillah..i wish i can write every single detail, exactly what had happened and how it happened, but it is impossible right..there are many hearts to be taken care, and i don't want anyone who reads this post to be hurt in any kind of way..

just so you know, in whatever condition it is, i honestly care about you, and trust me, all of the guys who stares or says my name, they are not equal to you in many please dearest, don't ever say that you hurt me, you are not good enough for me or feelings towards you, its real..and i believe in may not know, but even the littlest things you do, makes me smile whenever i think of it ;)

with love,
farah diyana.
p/s ; dearest family and besties {ipah,azu,pka}, don't misunderstand me yeah..i love you guys too! a lott! muchy much! hehe, but this is for my nickey, so i hope you don't mind..i'll write about you guys later on okey! ^^, tc..