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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

Footprints here!


* the way thoughts about you always makes me smile. ^^,
* the way you held the door open for me :)
* the way you give me THE look when i'm making fun of you. hehe, it makes my heart pound even faster.
* the way you says my name, the way you calls me syg ;)
* the way you smile, i love it so much, feels like your smile belongs to me and me alone.
* the way you looked when i'm pretending to be mad at you- so worried. hehe.
* the way you jealous of the other guys, the way you care ^^,
* the way you play with your spectacle to make me laugh or smile.
* the way you make me feel when you're around.
* the way you comforts me.
* the way your voice echos inside my ears.
* the way you sing to me! hehe, funny :)
* the way you act when you're with me- childish! :))
* the way you said that you have feelings for no one but me. ^^,
* the way you said "i love you"
* the way you send someone to give me the dutch lady choc milk -each time you passes by my class during prep time :)

i could go on all day writing this list because i love everything about you!! hehe..