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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

Footprints here!

its just so empty.


"it is good being strong, but it also sucks as much when people know that you're strong, and they think that it is okay to hurt you"

i went around, smiling and pretending that there's nothing wrong and like- hey! don't worry about me, everything is fine.
throwing a fake yet a very convincing smile. and when people buy it,
there comes the feelings. one- good, now no one will be worried for my probs.
second- crapp! now i've to go through this alone. the pressure is getting higher :(

did you ever got the feeling that everything around is about to collapse? and there's no one you can hold on to?
yeah, i get that a lot. its not like i have no friends. its not like i'm a loner.

but even at some point, a side of you will somehow feels like- that's enough, stop troubling them. they have their own problems too. and yes, i know, they wouldn't actually mind sharing probs with me, that's why they're called my best friends, my sisters. and they always warned me not to bring this up again. oh well, i guess a did it again :')

funny, i cried! huu~ there must be something wrong with you farahh! stop it, silly girl.
maann! i hate it when this happens.
yeah, i guess i better go now.
the longer i stayed, the more this post will sounds like i'm writing a death note.
cik fara
take care, till then, assalamualaikum.