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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

Footprints here!

thank you :)

do you ever get the feeling that the world is yours just by being with someone?
i mean, okay, there's this guy.
such a sweet, gentle and heart warming person i've ever been with.
can't stay mad forever with him even if i wanted so.
haha, obvious much? >.<
yeah, hes my nickey.
>nik muhammad eqie hafizie<

just now, when i'm all gloomy and stuff,
he said something that makes my heart tinkles :)
he said,
"listen to this song- putri cinta hati, by kristal"

i opened up another tab in my mozilla firefox, browse for
and search the song.
omg! when the music plays-
excitement, happiness, and some other feelings i can't figure out what.
all together, making such a wonderful feeling.
and i can feel that my eyes were starting to feel up with tears- tears of joy of course.

i give him a short text,
"do you really mean it?"
then he replied,
"of course, you're my 'putri cinta hati' "

(haha, using direct translation it'll sounded like this- princess love heart)
princess love heart? what in the world??!
hehe, never mind that,
i'm his lover and the one and only person who holds the key to his heart :)
am i right sayangg?
agagaga XD
*sdikit prasan di situ*

awak awak, trime kasih sebab hadir dalam hidup sy,
trime sy seadenye,
n trime kasih jgk utk ape yg awak da buat utk sy slame niy.
sy takkan pernah lupe sume tu,
dpd kt mrsm dlu, smpai skang.
awak xpnh lari dr sy- senang atau susah.
sjujurnye, slaen family sy, ipah azu n pka, ade awak sbg org yg sy syg.

haha, jiwang tak sy mlm nih? ntahla, mood jiwang ttbe je datang.
ngee~ thanks for reading,
walaupn ade yg mungkin nyampah bace post kali nihh.
do i look like i care? haha,
cik fara
NOOOO, not at all :)