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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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give a lot, but get a little in return. in fact, maybe tiny. or puny. okay, whatever. just get that kind of feeling sometimes, especially around urmm, lets just say he/she is a friend.

and honestly, as a friend, i'm offended by you. didn't mean to bring this up. but i get it all crowded inside and i feel like i'm gonna explode, so i'm just going to let this out here. i'm sick. and when i'm not sick, i'm tired. i'm sick and tired of your attitude.

i'm not your dolly, i'm not your bank. yeah, my parents are both doctors. but that doesn't mean that every single time i walk into a store, i'll have to go and treat you all the goods. once in a while, its fine. but it is wayy to often. even i can't tolerate to that. and sometimes, i found it a bit annoying. i'm sorry.

hurmmm. and i hate it most when people thought that i'm rich. just because my parents are doctors. skit skit, fara..nak tu? fara..nak ni? what am i? keje cop duet ke..ya Allah..bukan nak berkire, tp ntahla. malas da nak ckap bnyak. aty pn da bengkak. and after sume tu, ingat lg ke ak kt sni? tak kn.? huhu, btol la umi ckap, ade yg btol2 ikhlas nak kawan and ade yg kawan just utk tumpang ksenangan.