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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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muet and him :)


assalamualaikum!! :) yeaaa, mule kan ary dengan penuh semangat! hehe, pdahal memang tengah tak semangat niy, sbb ade prob ckit td ngan kete >.< tp takpe la, small matter je, takyah nak risaw sgt la cik farahh oii. oke, fine~ hehe.

ehemmm, ary niy ade muet kn? mne ak taw? ehh, ak taw la. hal hal bkaitan org yg penting bg ak sume ak amek taw, hehe. *fara, kau nak kene sepak ke, kne lempang?* haha, lek luuu~ ape pg pg nk bg org lempang niy, bg lempeng takpe la gak, kenyang perut den. pffttt~ *sile ignore je ape dye niy ckap, bak kate eqie, kpale masuk aer -.-*

hehe, udah udah la mengarut tu cik fara oii, siyes la ckit, ape la kome ni. oke oke, lets get serious! *insaf sbentar* hehe, nak ckap sal muet sbenanye ary niy, TERbnyak ckap la plak kt atas tu. hee~ sorry! oke, muet! as far as i know, tarikh utk speaking component, is on the 4th, 5th, 6th April, then sambung on the 11th, 12th and 13th April plak. kn? for listening, reading and writing components plak on the 16th of April. btul la kot sbb info niy ak tengok dekat laman web UiTM niy haa.

anyway, to fellow candidates, best wishes for you guys! good luck yea! give your best shot, no need to feel nervous because it will affect your speeches. and if somehow, your performance in part A sort of go kaboom, went to drain or anything, try your best to play your role better in part B. its a group discussion, so i think it can help in regaining the lost points in part A. if you play your role wisely in part B, i'm sure there'll be no problem. *and i am speaking based on my own experience :)*

i am candidate A, so i have less time to figure out all of the points compared to the other candidates. oh well, one way or another, i have to start talking when the time given runs out, right? right. so the 2minutes is up, and there i am. i started well i guess, but in the middle part, the problem hits! *da separuh jln baru nak nervous?* ngee~ yup! stuck in the middle, and i know i can't remain silence, so i'm keep spilling words *that sometimes i know aren't related to the topic given* and tried to relate them. i feel so cheesy back then. hee~

after all candidates had given their piece of mind, we move on to the next part, part B. no one would start the discussion, so i volunteer to speak up. saying my points, and at the same time, building my confidence which crushed in the first part :) alhamdulillah, we manage to do it well. we discuss, keep hitting on one point to another, argue about the points given sometimes, but i guess, on the overall, we did it quite well. :) bile kuar result, cume mmpu snyum. wlaupn result tak segempak org yg dpat band 5 or 6, but still alhamdulillah, :)

what i meant to say is, don't worry if you mess up in one of the parts (either partA or partB), just make sure you make it up in the other part. okay? last words to fellow candidates, good luck! you can do it! you need to believe in order to achieve, so believe in who you are :)

to my dearest eqie, good luck! when i'm sitting for this exam, you said you believe that i can do it. so let me tell you now, i believe you can do it too :) and by the way, see this picture? this is the kind of joy you give when we are on the phone, i snap this while you're making a joke. hehe 143 ;)

umi ckap mate sy takde bile gelak. -.- haha, meaning to say i am chubby la tuu. kn? hehe, ily umi :)