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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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never knew it could hurt like this.


huu~ just a short entry tonight. dah stress sangat buat maths so ak decide nak stop kejap. hati sangat sayu malam niy. kenape? ntahla. keadaan hormon yang tengah tak stabil plus pressure dengan mid term next week kot. gabungan due bende alah niy da buat ak hilang pertimbangan ;( macam macam serbe tak kene. buat niy salah, buat tu salah. Ya Allah, ak pohon pd MU, tenangkanlah fikiran dan emosiku Ya Allah.
to awak,
i'm so sorry :'( never knew this is the way it has to be. but i think it is for the best. i never failed to love you, and there's one more thing you should know. i never regret falling in love with you. i'll be waiting for the day to come. if you're the one for me, insyaAllah, we will be :')