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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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hey guys. i did a big is what i do best. i push people away from me. the ones that i care about, the one that i love. family, friends and even him. i'm so afraid that i won't be able to give my very best to those i care about, to the point that i put up a fence. i don't want to be so attached to a person because i'm so afraid of hurting them. honestly, i'm tired of letting people down :( i know i can't be perfect for everyone. i know that not every action that i take will satisfy people. but still- i'm trying. and it's so hard.

i'm so sorry you guys :( family, friends, and you. if i'd ever hurt or disappoint each and everyone of you in any possible ways. i'm truly sorry.
dear you,,i'm pushing you away in a time where i need you the most. i'm so sorry for what i did. thank you for putting up with me, thank you for holding on. thank you for having faith in us. thank you so much.and thank you for playing our song on the guitar. it meant a lot to me for what you did. really, you're the one :')