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korang. actually aku tengah pening nih. why you may asked? *ecehh, english plak kn* takpela, practice makes perfect kan. hehe, rojak! -__-''

dah dahh, actually aku bukan ape pn, just a lil bit stress la kot. hari jumaat, NEXT WEEK, ade presentation IT. so, kena prepare slides. english presentation plak lambat lagi, 18 august. tp tu pn kena bwt slides jgak. presentation IT falls on the same date as my biology examination! and on the same week, test maths. tu yang buat pusingg tu. mane nak bace bio yang banyak chapter tu lg, mane nak revise maths, mane nak buat slides IT and english lg. haishh. pape pn, kena start motivate diri dahh ni. tak boleh tension tension sangat, kalau tak, sumpah satu keje pn takkan jalan. so farah diyana bt abdullah sabriii, sile bertahan! caiyokk2, fighting! aigoo.

okay, disebabkan banyak keje, i have to start working NOW. so, terpaksa offline blog, FB, formspring and segale bendaa lg yang sememangnye jadi distraction bg aku. sobbsssss! T__T takpelaa, sekejap je. tunggu okeh! haha, tak nak tunggu pn takpe, just saying ;) anyway, kat bawah nih ade assignment english aku. topic aku, Culture. it's a free topic, so basically, i can write about almost anything regarding culture. tp disebabkan ketandusan idea, ni jela yang aku mampu buat. kalau RAJIN bacela, tak pakse, sebab panjang berjelaa jelaaa+ fakta an. so, maybe akan quite boring. kalau bace, tolong bg markah sekali boleh? haha :DD

       Whether it is about building the world’s tallest tower or creating the longest line of coins, Malaysia prides itself on achieving the best in whatever it does. The ability to live peacefully and harmonically among society which has many differences in every aspect of life has been one of Malaysia’s greatest strength. As known by people world-wide, Malaysia is a multiracial country. It became home to many ethnic groups which came from different walks of life. In other words, Malaysia consists of society with different culture living together. The word culture carries different meaning which can be reviewed from different perspective and can be interpret with different understanding. However, to put it simply, culture is defined as an integral part of every society.

        Speaking about culture, there are several elements of culture that we should know. One of the elements of culture is language. Language is important as it acts as a mass of communication and interaction between people in a society. Without language, there will be difficulties in communication or to be more accurate, communication barrier will occur. The next element of culture is norms which carry the definition of, accepted behavior in a society or groups. It is also known as an informal guideline on how a person should behave in certain social events or expectations of how they will react. We can also call it as “The way we do things around here” kind of attitude. Besides the two elements mentioned above, there are also several other elements of culture that we should take note of. There are values, religions and beliefs, social collectives, statues and roles and last but not least, integration. Based on the listed elements, we can conclude that culture forms a backbone of a society. Now, have it ever occurred to us, what would we be without culture? How will the world differentiate Malaysia with other countries? Where will we be at the eye of the world? It is because of our unique culture, Malaysia is known by people world-wide.

         There are three major races that make up Malaysia namely Malays, Chinese and Indians. According to research, Malay people dominate the total population of the country by half, followed by Chinese and then Indians. There are also a smaller group of indigenous people in Malaysia which status is known as Bumiputera, along with the Malays. Each and every race contributes to different and unique cultural background, making Malaysia a country rich with cultural heritage. The land of Malaysia has also been influenced by many cultures, but these groups of races still manage to retain their individual identity despite any circumstances.  Furthermore, every ethnic line in Malaysia, as well as in other countries, is differentiated by various factors. However, there are only a few factors which I would like to stress on in the meantime, such as the language they speak, religions practiced by each group and not to forget, food delicacies.

             The official language of Malaysia, or also known as national language of the country is ‘Bahasa Malaysia’ (Malay Language). Malay Language is widely used in Malaysia by not only the Malay people. It is also practiced among the Chinese and Indians to ease up their daily routine, especially in public places. There are 10 dialects available in Malay Language such as Malay, ‘Kelantanese’, ‘Terengganuan’, ‘Kedahan’, ‘Sarawakian’, ‘Bajau’, Negeri Sembilan Malay, ‘Banjar’, ‘Bruneian’ and ‘Indonesian’. Not only Malay language, the Chinese and Indian people also have their own language as means of communication. As for the Chinese, the main dialects practiced in Malaysia are Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka, Foochowese and Teochew. The dialect spoken by the Chinese usually depends on where they are originated. Meanwhile, there are six dialects of Malaysian Indian languages which are Tamil, Hindustani, Malayam, Telugu, Punjabi and Gujarati.

              Cutting down to the chase, Malay people in Malaysia practices Islam and all Malay people are Muslims. Muslims also celebrate certain festival such as ‘Hari Raya Puasa’ (also known as ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’) as a symbol of victory because they’re able to endure the fasting period from dawn to sunset, everyday for the whole month of Ramadhan. Meanwhile, the Chinese people in Malaysia practices three main religions such as Bhuddism, Confucianism and Taoism. The main celebration for Chinese people in Malaysia is Chinese New Year, followed by Moon Cake Festival and Lantern Festival. Thaipusam on the other hand, is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by Indians. This festival is a religious festival dedicated to the Tamil deity Murugan. Deepavali (Festival of Lights) is also celebrated in Malaysia and famous among Hindus.

               Last but not least, the food delicacies presented by each ethnic group. Malaysia can be considered as heaven of food for people who loves to eat because you can get almost any kind of food in Malaysia, either local food for or international food. As for local food, the preparation of food will vary and evolve around the spices, herbs and many other elements. Malay’s cooking usually use spices as their main ingredients as well as the Indians. Both of this group shares the same ingredients but they have their own way of presenting the food. The Chinese culture on the other hand, derives their cooking from the mainland of China, except it is also influenced by local ingredients.

           All in all, despite the differences in cultural backgrounds, Malaysians are able to live together in harmony. We unite as one in during festivals and celebrations in order to create a warm and friendly environment for each other. Now, should or should not we be proud of that? Yes, we should! Ironically, it is easier to be proud of being a Malaysian in the overseas because they appreciate us for our culture uniqueness. What we have here in Malaysia, might be a blessing in disguise. Who knows? Hence, before it is too late, we should all start appreciating each other for what we really are. =)