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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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it is lame. don't read =.=


hee, ramai yang tegur, status aku kat facebook seeming a little bit down lately. huhu, trying to hide it so that no one knows, pretending that i'm okay. tp they still can figure it out. i guess it is so not me la kot. doesn't suite my personality, maybe?
hee, a lot of people seeing me as a happy-go-lucky girl, always smiling, talk a lot when it comes to certain times. is that so? hehe, okay good. so, it means that i'm doing a very good job at hiding what i'm actually feeling inside.

only certain people can detect the real pain i feel inside. and as for now, i don't think that i can afford to trouble them with any of my worries anymore. i don't want any of them to be worried about me too. i'm a big girl, i can handle this all by myself- at least that is what i told myself everyday before going to sleep. :')

i'm strong, i can deal with it, i can control it, i won't let it take control of me. not this time, not anymore. just trying my best to hang on. hee, common farah, get a grip! again, telling all of this to myself before going to sleep. wiping away the tears, won't let the pillow got wet anymore.
it has been about 5days or so. i'm totally ignoring you right. :'( i'm so sorry, but i couldn't afford another pain. this heart have received enough. i guess when the time comes, and if we're meant to be, it will be. i'd told you before, you know how my previous relationship ended, i just couldn't afford more pain, and i just thought ours would be different :'( i'm so sorry, maybe this heart is just not strong enough, i still love you. and i'll always will. but for now, lets just take a break from all of this and return to the time where it is just you and i alone, not us. :'(

p/s : sorry readers, this post is a little bit emotional. i can't keep it piling up inside of me :') maaff.