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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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hee~ i'm not feeling well today. didn't even go to class :/ and yet today is suppose to be the day that i got my result for final exam sem 1! i wish i really could go to college today *sigh :(

anyway, the real topic is yeah, do you have to be so cold towards a person? if your answer is yes, then let me ask you one question. do you like to be treated as such? no? then why do you go around treating them like you're the only one who have feelings?

all i'm saying is, be nice. is that to much to ask? or you think that by doing that you will look all cool and stuffs. pffft. ask if. i don't mean to be rude. but seeing what the world has turn into today. *sigh. it makes me upset. the so called "budi bahasa budaya kita"- where has it been?

girls especially, please mind your choice of words. to see all of those bad words coming out of such a beautiful girl, it is not something that should be proud of. oh yes, of course, you can make another girl cry for your words, you can take revenge, you will be satisfied letting go all of the anger by using such words. but mark this, you'll also show the world what type of person you really are. all of the words, they didn't describe anyone else but yourself.

honestly, i find it hard to believe. the world is somehow upside down, in my point of view. girls are becoming more daring, even the boys don't know what to do about this i'm not saying a change is bad. no, it is not. but please, look what it is doing to you personally. is it good or bad? is it worth it or not? is it the right thing to do? if it is for the good, than it is okay to change. but from what i see, it is the other way around. i'm frustrated, angry and sad at the same time. we are getting polluted more and more by all of the external elements. we're moving too far away from our real culture, our real religion.

p/s : seriously, this is so frustrating :( how can we expect people to respect our religion when we as the practitioner ourselves is behaving like this? i'm not pointing this to anyone particular because apparently, this behavior is blending in the society- so much that there's no point of saying what is what. i've done my part as a muslimah, i've reprimand what needs to be reprimanded. the rest is, *sigh* up to you.