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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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hehe, assalamualaikum peeps! lama kan tak nampak aku? fineee, takde orang kesah~ hehe. it has been a very hectic week for these past two weeks. with midterm and everything. hee~ but the good news is, my foundation is going to end soon! hehe. waiting for May. :))

as excited as i am, i'm also quite worried about my studies here. there has been a few unpleasant rumors spreading inside this campus. who is the culprit, let it be a secret, i'm sure the management will handle it wisely.

just one advice, please be HONEST. i don't mind cheaters. really, i don't. cheat all you want, but THINK.

if during studies itself, this is the attitude that you built in yourself, what do you expect to do once you've become a doctor? patient's life is not something that we can toy around with, it's not a platform to gamble. patient's are going to put their trust on you, so pleasee :/ do you want them to end up like this? ---->

the only way to succeed is with continuous revision and hard work. there is no short cut in success. and, we have to go through that every ups and downs. it's okay to fall down, and when you rise from the fall, you'll grew stronger and stronger. people who never fall won't value the true meaning of success! so be honest and be brave. don't be afraid to fall down.
i'm not trying to condemn anyone, you're still my friend. that's is why i care. we choose to be in a professional line, so why can't we act professionally? this is too depressing for me. please, there's still time, please change. if you didn't care about how people will look at you, at least think about your parents. do you want people to look at them as a failed parent? definitely no, right? it's not too late, really.

hoping to get one of these soon :))