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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

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assalamualaikum. salam Ramadhan everyone. may this Ramadhan brings joy and barakah for us, Insyaallah :)

honestly, i'm quite torn apart right now. huu, trying to seal everything up inside as much as possible, but i can't. it is hard to say what is wrong because in the moment, nothing seems to be right.

i'm suffocated, i can't breathe. and i have no one to tell. last night crying alone, i know Allah is watching me. i tried to control my tears, i failed.

thoughts about umi, ayah, the stress of going to a medical school- whether i can really take the pressure, the fees and a few other personal issues, it really hit me this time.

i wanted to write what's the problem, because it is really wearing me off. but i can't. and i don't know how to write it. for sure, it is tiring. much much tiring.
Ya Allah, please, guide me to stay true to You. and to say true to the promise i made to You. when the time comes, please present me with a good husband, with a good Iman, so that he can accompany and guide me to Jannah with Islam. and please, i wouldn't ask for more, but please make my parents happy, grant them forgiven, love them as they love me since i'm very small, lengthen their life, grant them health, and may our siblings are assets for them to enter Jannah as well. Amin :')

**tabahkan hati farah diyana. janji dengan Allah, pasti dituntut sepertimana kita tuntut janji kita dengan Allah. sabar, nangis banyak banyak kat dunia, semoga takkan menangis kat akhirat nanti.