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Welcome! Everything I wrote here is an expression of what my heart feels. Do forgive me if I ever offended anyone in any kind of way. Good day! :)

Footprints here!

back to square one.


assalam semua. hee. sejak bergelar student degree course medic, dah lama rasanya tak jenguk blog tercinta ni. hari ni teringin plak jenguk. bukan setakat berhabuk or bersawang, dah jadi macam haunted mansion dah blog cik farah ni. heee.

well, to tell you the truth. dapat peluang taip entry ni pon, sebab saya dah drop course tu. tehee. so, title "student medic first year" tu, is not mine to hold anymore. wee~ i know quite a number of people are disappointed with the decision made.

first, mesti lah parents. they've sacrificed a lot for me to get there. second, family members (abang adik pakcik makcik cousins semua). third, dear, dear friends. i'm so sorry to disappoint all of you. should have stay strong and firm with the path i've chosen. but still, emotions beat me.

so, now, i'm back to square one. sedang mencari kekuatan untuk membina jalan baru, dan cuba untuk jadi yang terbaik dalam apa pun yang akan dipilih lepas ni. insyaallah. my target is to get a degree in TESL. boleh jadi lecturer :)

someone who i respected so much told me this :

everyone wants to become a doctor,
not everyone wants to handle the hardships of being one.

made me stop and think. people around keep telling me that i have the brain to be a doctor. i doubted it, but one thing i know about being a doctor, that is, brain alone wouldn't do. because being a doctor, you need to interact with a living human being (ada hati perasaan, lengkap pakej semua lah). if i were to take medicine, i know that i'll treat them with the right way, i'll not be the robot-doctor that most of the patients complaint about new doctors. and, i know that being a doctor will open up path to help thousands or maybe millions of people. but, i'm not too sure that i'll be satisfy with the way i live.
saya suka tolong orang, nak sangat tolong orang. tak sampai hati tengok orang susah. tapi, rasanya, saya boleh cuba cari jalan lain untuk tolong orang selain pilih bidang kedoktoran kan? in shaa Allah, semoga Allah permudahkan semua :')