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new islamic kindergarten and nursery in taman mawar, pasir gudang.


i woke up surprisingly early today despite having trouble sleeping last night. haha. and honestly, given that i am not a morning person, this amazed me too. :P haha yeah yeah, i know i should change that particular habit. :P

anyway, after subuh prayer, ummi came into my room and asked me to prepare nenek's hot tea. and while in the kitchen, i also prepared breakfast for my two little sugar gliders, mimi and kid. not so little though, haha have had them with me for more than 2 years now.

and from the kitchen, i can hear loud cries. i kind of forget that there's a new nursery and islamic kindergarten nextdoor, so hearing more than two different cries at the same time frightens me for a moment. hahah. like seriously, there's no sound of children crying around my house for so long because for all i know, all the neighbours' children had all grew into fine teens, so yeah. i freaked out. and then i realized, it was the children from the nursery hahah my bad >.<"

anyway, i hope they will all stop crying soon. and enjoy their stay while waiting for their parents to get home from. poor little angels, you must be scared, being at a place so unfamiliar to you.

ohh and for those parents who have been wondering, from the outside, the nursery looked nice. it was newly painted with bright and vibrant colours, the lawn is clean too. the nursery was opened recently, and there's not many children as yet. i think that's a bonus point because they can attend to these few children better.

but still, it is better for you to visit and evaluate things on your own right? so if you were considering a place for your child there, you can visit them at :

No. 3, Jalan Mawar 4, Tmn Mawar. :)

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